Lamborghini Landscape: discovering new horizons

Lamborghini showcases their cars in inspirational advertisements where their vehicles are cruising through beautiful landscapes. Telling a story of how driving their vehicles will take the driver to undiscovered places and provide drivers with new experiences. These exotic landscapes were the inspiration for the 2021 Lamborghini exhibition at the MUDETEC (Museo Delle Tecnologie). The design intends to bring a Lamborghini Landscape inside the MUDETEC and give visitors an immersive exhibition and experience.

The most fitting landscape that could adequately convey Lamborghini’s cutting-edge technology and innovation is the arctic landscape. This imaginary landscape is composed of a series of iceberg formations where visitors can enter and walk on top of some of them allowing them to engage with the car exhibit. A processional path is informed with the ceiling lights reflected on the shiny floor, representing the cars’ light trails giving the visitor an experience of driving through the landscape at high speeds.

Finalist of the private competition for the MUDETEC (Museo Delle Tecnologie) .

Project done in partnership with Marta Daturi, Massimiliano De Crignis & Diego Vazquez DeSantos.

Axonometric view

Floorplan ground floor

Floorplan first floor



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