The floating forest

«The floating forest» arises from the need of the NGO «Apadrina un olivo», to have a
headquarters, so we are looking for a headquarters that can serve both as an expository of the work they do, as an office in which to finally establish. This NGO is fundamentally looking to save the trees that are in unpopulated areas and that due to the negligence of the human being do not have the care they need and end up dying.

Spain is the country in the world that has more olive trees, and has almost the total representation of more than 1800 species of olive trees discovered today. Yet only 24 types of them are cultivated for oil. The province that has more olive trees is Jaen. Although olive trees can survive drought, it is highly recommended that they do not fall below 8 degrees centigrade, as it slows their growth. If the temperature drops below -7 degrees, the trees die.

Within this floating forest we find up to 80 species of olive trees. In which a similarity with mountain rivers and clouds is created through the project itself, the surrounding topography and the adjacent fountain. The project has a double ventilated facade of Etfe, with 4 sheets for each cushion in which between the first and second and the third and fourth is a gel that when activated with an electric current, changes the properties of the plastic facade and allows or not to enter the light as appropriate.

The space is divided into two zones, the headquarters of the NGO, which corresponds to a smaller space as it is still growing, and the northern and largest part which is a coworking space which can be rented,. The building has the versatility that if the NGO becomes much larger the second space can be annexed simply by moving the olive trees, which are suspended in gardens hanging from the main structure.

Exterior image

Interior image


Diagrams and explanation





Constructive section

Integrated sketch

Construction process

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